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During their service in the ISA Sital managers and personnel were acting and involved in a variety of fields operations and management. Based on their professional experience since its establishment sital is active as a professional consultant and security manager in all areas of security in different sectors worldwide.


Among its activities sital is conducting risk-assessment surveys, security planning, professional consulting, security management (by placing a "security - director"), training, control & supervision by periodic professional checks (Security performances overview & reassessment) of all secured areas/facilities/topics of the organization, procedures, emergency plans and more.


Experience and professional knowledge brought by Sital executives and personnel are the main foundation of Sital infrastructure when operating the company activities. Based on many years of experience Sital has several prominent advantages. Among others the ability to post professional personnel respectively to each security topic (a Multi Discipline Team), handling and covering several security tasks and technology at the same time, operating supporting/assistance units/entities for security assignments implementation, professional skills and qualifications for international activities, adjusting security operational plans to meet customer needs, knowledge and ability to plan and implement projects for security multi - system formation.



More about our activity and services please see at:

  • Security management
  • Procedures
  • Installation File
  • "Second Opinion" (the double check)
  • Installations security
  • Aviation security
  • VIP protection
  • Data Bases and Knowledge Hubs security
  • Security technology
  • Security for unique neighborhoods (residential, industrial, business & financial zones, official, private and others.)
  • Security for public events and unique activities
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