During their service in the ISA Sital managers and personnel were acting and involved in a variety of fields operations and management. Based on their professional experience since its establishment sital is active as a professional consultant and security manager in all areas of security in different sectors worldwide.

Among its activities, sital is conducting risk-assessment surveys, security planning, professional consulting, security management (by placing a "security – director"), training, control & supervision by periodic professional checks (Security performances overview & reassessment) of all secured areas/facilities/topics of the organization, procedures, emergency plans and more.

Experience and professional knowledge brought by Sital executives and personnel are the main foundation of Sital infrastructure when operating the company activities. Based on many years of experience Sital has several prominent advantages. Among others the ability to post-professional personnel respectively to each security topic (a Multi-Discipline Team), handling and covering several security tasks and technology at the same time, operating supporting/assistance units/entities for security assignments implementation, professional skills and qualifications for international activities, adjusting security operational plans to meet customer needs, knowledge and ability to plan and implement projects for security multi-system formation.

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  • DataBases and Knowledge Hubs security
  • Security technology
  • Security for unique neighborhoods (residential, industrial, business & financial zones, official, private and others.)
  • Security for public events and unique activities

Protecting an enterprise or any organization requires investments for financing manpower, advanced technology means and more. In most cases, the security system (manpower and technology) is designed, assigned, installed and operated by one factor which is also usually the manager and controller. In fact, controlling his own performances. Means: "putting the cat to watch the milk".

Routine is the most threatening danger to security performance. It is therefore important that the organization's management and decisions makers will periodically assay several key questions:

² Am I convinced that the organization receives real professional value for these large sums spent on security?

² Is the security system designed and built in the past – is still effective for present threats, scenarios and is the efficient solution versus future requirements?

² Is the organization is "clean" of factors that may hurt from inside or transfer sensitive information to foreign hands and thus hurt the organization causing damages that may be irreversible?

We offer an answer to these questions by an external and independent professional factor. Not by anyone involved in performing the enterprise security and in the same time controlling his own performances. Sital is specializing in providing comprehensive security solutions, performs for its client's comprehensive professional examination (DOUBLE-CHECK) to get a "second opinion" referring to the existing security formation. Service which reconstructs and fortifies the organization's management confidence in its security system efficiency.

This unique service is conducted by staff entirely objective, which includes professional experts with extensive experience in various security fields and numerous components. The service provides efficient solutions for a wide range of issues. Among others: security for installations and various facilities, (economic / business, financial institutions, industrial enterprises, real estate organizations, strategic facilities, private properties, etc.), database and information security at co-operations and organizations, prevention of industrial espionage, aviation security, VIP protection, loss prevention and more. The service and its implementation relate to all fields, activity types and time-table it takes to secure the organization and maintain its ongoing operational routine.

This service is not aimed to replace the existing security system or those in charge of its operation in the organization – but to examine the efficiency of security performances and improve it. This service is instrumental in hands of the organization's management and decision-makers and its major purpose is sharing experience and to help the security director.

The need for an effective professional check and the "second opinions" have been shown more than once. It is proved that the "second opinion" findings ​​led to expense savings without reducing the security level – as well as the enterprises' security formations improvement with no additions to budgetary frames.


The operational "Installation File" ("Ground/arena-File") is a basic demand of the law-enforcement agencies and the fire-fighters brigade authorities prior to any other security measures to be planned and implemented. The elementary "business license" depends on keeping safety regulations and considering human life first.

In response to these demands of safety and security official authorities, we are conducting, organizing and editing to our customers the "Installation-File" based on professional knowledge and accumulated experience over the years. As the "Installation File" is an efficient means for the security system management and the ongoing professional operation – it is also an effective mean in hands of the enterprise management (and other various factors acting within the organization) to control, supervise and follow-up unique units and crucial segments.

Staff acting on behalf of Sital in this field combined security experts working together with safety experts. While ensuring the implementation of regulations directed by security and safety officials our activities are coordinated with our clients. The "Installation File" is tailored to the organization's facilities, its activities nature, considering units and systems that operate at different, providing unique guidelines, translating the organization management requirements obligatory to all organization personnel – to "Security & Safety language", special emphasis in security, safety and more.


A security system is established and operates as directed on its core program which is based on a professional survey referring to the arc of threats assessment against the organization. formulating operational plans versus the risks evaluated with regard to physical security, data & information security, emergency plans, etc., includes – among many other topics of interest – engineering design and matches the nature of the organization and its primary operations. The security formation is a very dynamic system that is a 24/7 operation implemented by manpower and technology.

In modern times such system management is a profession that requires unique knowledge and skills as well as operational experience including a broad range of topics. Sital employees assigned as security directors for our customers are former ISA and other related agencies who served for many years in Israel and abroad, performing field operational activities, managerial positions, technology assignments, and more. Vast experience in a variety of security and intelligence topics, the knowledge accumulated over the years by the company management and employees aside with the professional Sital directors backup as a head-quarters for the Security-Director in the field provide the company with the ability and knowledge to perform for its clients the best effective "security-wraparound" and posting High-Qualified personnel for management. Designing and implementing security demands on one hand – when on the other maintaining strict "Co-Existence" with the organization's primary activity and purpose. At the same time, Sital management is available to all levels of the customer organization.

Security directors posted by us for our customers in Israel and abroad are active in industrial enterprises, financial institutions, various service providers, HI-TECH companies, telecommunications and infrastructure, and more.


Procedures are, inter alia, the "common language" presented and expressed by the security elements in the organization as well as by other employees at all levels. Operational security procedures are set to be implemented by security personnel. Other security Procedures are not necessarily for the security personnel use but should be implemented by all the organization's staff obliged to the enterprise's common interest.

In order to determine procedures, Sital builds and assigned a team of a professional experts, who are exceptionally experienced in creating this communication "common language" between the various factors in the organization – and the security demands. Our outstanding professionals are specialized in determining the responsibilities and authority required to implement security programs and the integration of security guidelines among segments in the organization. Robust techniques coupled with advanced knowledge and methods enable Sital to act in a manner that does not affect work processes while ensuring the continuation of a secured normal life, business and finance activities, industrial operations, transportation, infrastructures on-going activation, civil engineering projects and more. Our professional teams focus on coordinating with the various segments in the organization in order to implement streamlining and savings, procedures assimilation, monitoring and feedback as a management tool, and continuous updating and adjustment.